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Luca who is now 13has been involved with the Carl Pentney Keeper Academy since last spring. He was very low in confidence at that time. He had only recently resumed playing after a three month layoff due to a broken collarbone. He had never gone so long without playing sine the age of 6! After joining the Academy he quickly got back is previous good form and has progressed week to week. Luca himself said a couple of months ago that he didn't think he would have got back his confidence had it not been for your great Academy. Not much more that we could add to his assessment! Rick & Stefania


William has been attending Carl Pentney goalkeepers’ academy weekly for the past 18 months. We started him with the academy because Williams regularly academy had finished for the summer and we didn’t want William to go 2/3 months without any coaching. I hadn’t heard of this academy before and only went because it was local for us.
William went for his first training session and we were amazed with the structure of the academy, the ratio of keepers to coaches, the expertise and knowledge of the coaches. Carl and Lloyd would manage the groups and continuous keep the keepers focused on what they have to do and how to achieve this. After the session they both recapped on what the keepers had learnt and why.
Carl and Lloyd always meticulously plan the training sessions, they are very good at installing discipline and the keepers know how to manage themselves whilst training.
The keepers are given a match analysis book to mark themselves and parent/managers can give marks out of 10 for various aspects of the match; keeper/sweeper, Concentration/ communication, impact etc. There are three other sections for the keeper to write in: what went right; what went wrong and how rectify what went wrong. We feel this is a positive book for William to fill in and return back Lloyd for him to analysis. When Lloyd discusses with William his findings, it’s never a negative response. It’s always about covering what William feels needs practising, improving and it’s about the academy incorporating theses issues in future training sessions, to improve Williams abilities and progress him further. Lloyd also has been to watch William during a match, and his feedback was about how to improve the teams defence as a whole, not just Williams’s performance. Lloyd posted this match report on the academy’s Facebook page, highlighting Williams’s abilities and performance. William was very proud of this, so were we.
Carl Pentneys Goal keeping academy has given William the ability to focus on his strengths, practice and develop his skills. But more than that it has given him the courage to stand tall, stay strong and keep going when the odds are stacking up against him and that he made a difference.
Kay Healy


The place where young goalkeepers of today can grow into goalkeepers of tomorrow. Through structured planned drills for positioning, distribution, walls, penalties, hand work, foot work, using the keepers area, timing directing outfield players and much more. This academy work towards promoting hard work to succeed, discipline, guidance, and friendship, and when needed a shoulder because sometimes it just gets a bit hard out there as a keeper and lonely and only a keeper understands that loneliness. A striker gets praise but what does a keeper get???? Well at this academy they get spoken to, treated as important as each other and to hold their heads up because they are important and through their training these boys and girl (Kaitlin) have belief and dreams, which they are all working to fullfilling with the help and support from Carl, Lloyd, Glen Morrison and Ian and of course our dear and very own Tracey Pentney No frills, no scouting, no lies or promises just good solid training with good solid coaches.


Taylor loves coming to your goalkeeping academy he has come along way since he has started.


Couldn't agree more. James has been coming to the Academy for just a relatively short period of time, and his confidence, ability and understanding has already multiplied massively. The coaches and Tracey do a fabulous job and we look forward to a great 2015! Keep up the superb work!


'Carl Pentney goalkeeper academy' is the place where you can take your child and see them grow & develop as a goalkeeper in all areas of the game and each and everyone one of them comes away from a training session feeling it's been all about them  this academy has been the best thing that has happened for Aaron & Ryan and indeed myself.


I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to everybody at the acadamey ,on behalf of my grandson, Connor Brill for all the training ,diet ,fitness and goalkeeping skills he has obtained at the acadamey. This is his second season,and he really looks forward to Friday evenings training which he is dedicated to.


Hi Carl

That's great news , you and Lloyd do amazing job .

I thought Harry looked the part of a goal keeper , but since coming to your academy has turned his goal keeping to a new level . It's always run with true professionalism , fun , and ability based training. I can say Harry has never been more happy with his goal keeping as he is now , a long way to go but with your help can achieve the highest level possible .
Harry age 15 .

Thank you again