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Keeper Academy

Our intention is to give all goalkeepers a service that is second to none, as well as completely impartial advice. Those that are selected will have the added bonuses of providing them with trials, physiotherapist and regular advanced coaching.

Over the years we began to establish our Goalkeeper Coaching Programme as a leading educationally based training programme exclusively for Goalkeepers. Our recommendations and referrals speak for themselves, but more importantly, we have contributed to the development of a large number of Goalkeepers and Coaches at all levels. We feel that improving individual technique is the foundation from which sound goalkeepers can be built and that is the footing for the our Goalkeeping Ladder of Development.

Ultimately all of these techniques can only be at their most effective when carried out under game pressure, where we can relate our technique to match situations. We demonstrate this, by the use of a number of small sided goalkeeper games, in addition to the one-to-one and group coaching sessions.

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